A Normal Day at Boarding School

We are two girls from boarding school in Klessheim. We have lived there for three years and we like it. Today we would like to give you information about a typical day:

We start the day usually at 7 o’clock with breakfast. At the breakfast buffet we can choose from different types of cereals and a big selection of teas, coffee and drinks. You are also offered a wide variety of bread. School starts at 7.45. We usually study for four or five lessons with different teachers. Then it’s lunch-time! We can choose from two main meals – one is usually vegetarian. A salad buffet, a soup and a dessert are also parts of the meal. After that we study at school till 15:10 or 17:45. In the evening we enjoy dinner together.


In third class you can work as a boarding school assistant. That means that you have to control the rooms of the first graders and check if they are clean. From 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. you take care of the younger students – you help and support them. This time is called “Studium”.

Rooms and facilities

In boarding school, we have 40 rooms. Most of them are furnished for 3 people. Our room facilities are: A bunk bed and a single bed, a table with 3 chairs, three wardrobes, a separate toilet and also a bath room with a shower. The boarding school area offers the possibility to relax in the living room with a TV, to play the piano and to slouch in comfortable seats. If you want to be sporty you can use the gym or borrow equipment for games like badminton. You can also play volleyball or football.

If you want to have a regular everyday life, boarding school is perfect because you have strict rules and meal times.

We both like boarding school because you get good food, you can study (together) for school and have regular days. Another good point is that you that you meet other girls and find new friends.

Written by: Alexandra and Laura S.

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