Our First Internships

Hi guys,

We are four students from the “Tourism School Klessheim” and this is our first blog entry. Today we want to talk about our experiences with internships. Our first work placements were in 2015 and we can guarantee one thing: Every placement was different. Although everyone of us worked in the same department, we made different experiences.

Possibilities to work in the area of gastronomy

There are a lot of possibilities to work in the gastronomy and hotel industry: You can work in a hotel as a housekeeper, waiter, cook or front office staff. Additionally there are a lot of other departments you can work in (which are not visible for the guests, but rather important)!Niemetz delivery car

Coffee Shop

Anni worked in a traditional coffee shop named “Niemetz”. They are famous for their pastries named “Schwedenbomben”. It was a very stressful but fulfilling experience for her.


Antonia worked in a small Italian nouvelle cuisine restaurant, which was family run. The team spirit was extremely good and all of her co-workers were very nice. She learned a lot and was able to try a lot of different things, because there was a constant lack of people. Sometimes it was a little bit stressful but well, that’s probably pretty normal. Generally she loved her job!

Hotel + restaurant

It is also great to work in a hotel with a restaurant, because you can see so many different facilities. It was Katharina’s main task to prepare the wonderful breakfast.
She really liked the internship because she learned a lot.Guest Garden

Touristically influenced restaurant

Magdalena worked in a restaurant named “Sternbräu” where many guests from other countries have lunch or dinner. It was very stressful and exhausting, but in hindsight you can say that it was a good experience. In restaurants like this you have the possibility to see different departments like: Bar, service and kitchen.Sternbräu Sign



Written by: Katharina, Magdalena, Antonia, Anni

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