Cooking, serving – our practical lessons

Hey guys,

today we want to inform you about our cooking and service lessons. We wanna tell you how the lessons are organized and what we learn there.

What and when?

Every two weeks we’ve got a 6-hours-cooking session with our teacher, Mr. Grininger. Before we start the session, we get split up in teams and then we speak about all the recipes. After that we get our ingredients and are allowed to start cooking. At 4 p.m. we have to present our dishes, later on they are served by the service team.

Which cuisine?

Our teacher makes us cook with local ingedients by using classical French techniques and dishes. In every meal we cook there‘s also a classic Austrian dish, like Goulash. It’s not always easy to cook these dishes, as they are always different. Sometimes boiled, sometimes fried, but always tasty!


In the morning, we start with our patron, Mr. Vitzthum. A very nice and calm teacher. In our service lesson we learn about the classic French service and also the basics oft he Bar and how to do the perfect wine service. As our little „special“ we practice making Irish coffee, flambé crépe suzete and how to filet fish and chicken. It is part of our final exam to perfect these tasks, so Mr Vitzthum examines us nearly every week.

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I hope you enjoyed reading our blog! See you next week, your Klessheim Bloggers

Written by: Hansi, Andi, Valentin, Johannes,

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