School clothes

Today I want to tell you something about the “school clothes” at our school.

In Klessheim we are proud to say that we wear school clothes which let us look more like business people. But often it’s not so easy to wear the right clothes because our rules at school say the following:


Black business trousers/skirts, a white blouse, a black jacket and a grey pullover and black ballerinas.


Black business suit, a white shirt, a tie and black shoes.

And as I said before: Often the students don’t wear the clothes the right way, because they want to express themselves by wearing an individual style. They might wear a black pullover, a dress or a different blouse. And the guys sometimes show up without a tie or with a bowtie in different colors matching their socks.

Because of that our teachers must check our clothes every morning and if something is not correct we have to change clothes. When it happens too often then our teachers will make a note of that (in the class-register).


Every year there are discussions about the school clothes, because students and parents want to have a uniform. They say that it is easier to wear, because when you have a uniform you don’t have to choose your clothes in the morning and all the students look the same. This is what the principal and the teachers wish.

My own opinion:

In my point of view it would be better to have a uniform than school clothes, because it is easier to define.

Written by: Elisabeth

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