How to be sporty in Klessheim

Today I want to inform you about the sport activities you can experience in our school. Often it’s the perfect balance between school and work.

Before school:

I’m a “boarding school girl” so I wake up early in the morning (6 a.m.). That means Sophie, my roommate and I have some time left before breakfast. So we go out for a run or we do some hard exercises. We train for about 30 Minutes then we run back to school after having finished our exercises. So we can go straight to breakfast and then to school.


We are allowed to go to the fitness centre on Tuesday and Wednesday. Babsi, a sports student trains and advises us while doing our exercises. She compiles a training schedule for us with our special workout wishes. If we are exhausted or our motivation is decreasing, she turns up the music and says something like “Go on girls, you got it”. Babsi does all the workouts with us, which is very challenging. We usually experience our limits. After the hard training we stretch our muscles for 10 minutes. In the end we feel tired but we are proud of ourselves and are happy to get a shower and some sleep.

Sport lessons in school:

Once a week we have two sports lessons. Boys and girls are separated and sometimes two classes have sports lessons together. Our sports teacher is less motivating than Babsi. Most of the time we play some ball games like dodgeball (in German it’s called Völkerball) in different ways. Most of the classmates are not motivated enough to do artistic gymnastics.

Written by: Elisabeth

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