Is this the real life, is this just mentoring?

As 3rd graders, we have the honor to introduce the first graders to our school, the following year. In the first week we get one or two so called mentees and we have to show them around. But that‘s not the only job we have as their mentors. When they have a problem they don’t want to talk about with their teachers they can talk about it with their mentors. Therefore it is recommended to exchange mobile numbers or link via social media accounts.

Why do we do this?

Our school thinks that it is very important to harden the bond between the different grades. And I think that friendship isn‘t just between 3rd graders, or between 4th graders. Friendships should exist also between 4th and 2nd graders! It is our duty to help the 1st graders in our school, as someone helped us in the first grade.

How get mentees chosen?

In the second week of school, the 1st and 4th graders meet at our gym. Then one 4th grader gets called out and has to wait in the middle until one or two 1st graders get called out by the teachers. From now on they’re mentor and mentee until the end of school.

Written by: Hansi, Julius, Valentin

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