Nightlife Salzburg

Today Nora, Alexandra, Julius and Laura want to show you the coolest bars and places in Salzburg city. We present you our “second home”. There are nearly every month big motto parties.

  1. Wein und Co

At first we start our tour at “Wine and Co” in the “Linzergasse”. There you can drink one of the best glasses of Chardonnay in town.

  1. Watzmann

If you walk straight through the Linzergasse you arrive at the second home of the Klessheim students: the club Watzmann.

When you have arrived at Watzmann you should go upstairs and order a shot called “Fruchtzwerg”

  1. Segabar

Now you walk along the Rudolfskai, where you find many bars. Among these bars you find the famous Club called Sega 18.

There we recommend you the drink “Fredi Krüger” to stay awake. Afterwards you should have a sweet shot called “Orgasmus”.

  1. Republic

At the Neumayer place you find the “Republic”. There we recommend the girls to have a wine called “Veilchen” and the boys a classic glass of Stiegl Beer which is a typical brand in Salzburg.

  1. Take 5

In order not to get bored you stroll to the club take 5 at the Gstättengasse. There you should definitely drink a glass of high quality Vodka Belvedere.

  1. After 5

At “After five” you can drink a glass of water to start diminishing your hangover for the next day.

Have fun and drink a shot for us, too.


Written by: Nora, Alexandra, Julius, Laura S.

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