How to Event

Have you ever thought about how much work it is to plan an event?

We do! As a part of our marketing & tourism class we had the possibility to organize our own, unique excursion. We did not know how much work organizing an excursion contains, so we want to show you which steps are necessary to follow:

  1. Choose a Topic

The most important thing to do first is to choose the topic.
F.e.: food, drinks, wine, nature

  1. Form groups

The main groups can be: transport, accommodation, activities, (writing a manual).

  1. Fix a date

Choose the perfect date, depending on price- leisure, topic, weather, events.

  1. Choose your main location

Discuss the perfect place for your excursion or event.

It should be a good starting point from where you can easily move to different locations.

  1. Choose activities/ accommodation/ transport

At the same time the different groups organize their part.

You can choose depending on the price, the interests, the topic of your event and the quality.

  1. Make it real.


  • Keep an eye on the finances
  • Use a project organizer (cloud), so all of you can work at the same time


Written by:  Anni, Katharina, Magdalena, Antonia

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