Cooking Competition

Two weeks ago three of our girls – including me – were chosen to be part of a competition. We practiced a lot with our cooking teacher. We also used a big part of our free time and weekends in order to be prepared as well as possible. It was really stressful, because we also had a lot of exams at this time.

What was the goal?

There were three rounds. We got three main ingredients each. We had 45 min. to cook the best we could.

These were our ingredients:

For the gourmet spoon: Millet, paprika and a potatoes topping

Millet, paprika and a potatoes topping

For the warm starter: Trout and sauce hollandaise

Trout and sauce hollandaise

For the main course: Pork or rabbit, sage, a sauce and garnish

On the day of the competition:

We had to wake up very early, so we could drive to Bischofshofen at 6.40 a.m. .When we arrived, we started to become nervous. That was the time when we saw our competitors and that was also the time when the competition started.

If you ask me: The kitchen there was horrible because I couldn’t find anything and I had the feeling not to have enough time. So it was really challenging and hard.

The jury found my gourmet spoon really good so I was immediately part of the semi-final with Sophie. When they announced my name I could believe my ears and I was really excited.

The semi-final was really hard, because the starter had to be warm and served on time. For me the challenge was the sauce hollandaise, because when we prepared it at school I was never able to prepare it appropriately. Fortunately at the contest I got it for the first time perfectly well.  Unfortunately I burnt myself really badly but I had to continue with my work because time was flying.

Sadly Sophie and I dropped out after the semi-final. After all we made a lot of new friends and as we all say:

Taking part is everything!


Written by: Elisabeth

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