Prom Nights á la Klessheim

Once a year, usually in April, the prom night of Klessheim takes place, which is organized by the students of the fourth grade.

Every year, the fourth classes present all of the tasks they had to do to the third classes so they’ll make next year’s prom night unforgettable. After the presentation the students of the third year have to decide whether they want to join the prom committee for the next year or not.

The prom committee has to organize many different things, for example finance, locations and entertainment. Another important thing is to keep up the social media sites. They also have to choose the name of the prom night and design posters, tickets and stickers with the matching logo on it. A big part of their work is to look for sponsors, these are usually driving schools, vineyards or big Austrian companies.

On prom night, the evening starts with a welcome cocktail for the high school graduates and their parents, they have a photoshoot and afterwards the gala dinner takes place. Between eight and nine o’clock the admittance for the party guests starts, the tickets cost around 30€. At the party, there are different acts: there’s a big tent where a DJ performs in front of the crowd and in the bar area, there’s usually a live band and a dancefloor for the parents. For everyone who becomes hungry, the ball committee usually books a food truck which provides the people with burgers, tortillas or wraps. At about 2 a.m. the prom night comes to an end, there’s a night shuttle which brings the guests either into the city or to the main station.

The after party takes place at watzmann, where you can party until 5 in the morning.

Maybe you will join us next year.

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Written by: Patricia

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