10 useful tips for studying

This time we will give you useful tips that will help you improve at school. It is up to you if you follow our tips, but they are very helpful if you want to be successful.

  1. Listen carefully – especially to your teachers

The most important thing is that you always listen carefully during the lessons. You will remember a lot and it is easier for you to study things at home.

  1. Take notes

Write down important things which you should focus on.

  1. Organise yourself

Have a look at your working place. It should always be clean and organised! So you can concentrate on the things you have to learn/ study.

  1. Set your goals

Always have your goals in mind! Work as hard as you can.

  1. Make your own personal study plan

At the beginning you should create an agenda in order to organize your free- and study-time.

Add all the important dates to your calendar, like your exams, revisions, homework. So you have a good overview.

It would be easier if you revised your notes regularly, so you don’t have to study so much at the very last moment.

  1. Try different methods of studying

Some people can study better when they are listening to the topic and other people have to see the materials in front of them. Find your personal method and it will be easier to remember things!

  1. Make breaks (not too long!)

You have to make breaks in order to remain concentrated and rested.

  1. Reward yourself!!!!

When you have reached your goals, do something you really love.

For example, enjoy the sun, listen to your favourite song or just eat a sweet you like!

  1. Be positive

With a positive attitude your dreams will come true.

  1. Focus on one subject

Don’t mix different subjects in order not to confuse yourself.


Written by: Anni, Katharina, Magdalena

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