Open-House à la Klessheim

Hey guys, today we will tell you something about the day of the open house. It takes place every year in November. The day of the open house is for the people who would maybe like to join our school. This year it took place on two days: Friday and Saturday.


On these days our school offers many attractions and you get much information from pupils and teachers. If you enter the school building you are welcomed by pupils and then they show you around and inform you about what you have to do when you join our school. Let me give you one example: In Klessheim you have to wear a school uniform.


If you take part in the day of the open house you get an insight into school life at Klessheim. You can take a look at different class rooms where you find different activities and pieces of information. This year there were attractions like: How to brew beer. We have even brewed beer this year at school ourselves – Very useful! 😉

There is also a stop where the students tell you something about cheese and there you could also taste different kinds of cheese. In the kitchen every class presents small dishes which you can enjoy. You will be astounded by how good they taste.

For the sportsmen among us there is a volleyball tournament between all tourism schools. But you can also be active yourself and do a little parcours.

We hope that we see a lot of you next year.


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