About Us

We created this blog to give you insight into the life in and around the school of tourism Klessheim, which is located in Salzburg, Austria.

… but who are ‘we’?

We’re a group of students who are currently in the 4th grade of Klessheim.
Our class consists of young people from nearly every federal state of Austria and some from Germany.

… and what do we want to achieve with this blog?

Our goal is, to give people all around the world a pure, realistic and authentic insight into our school life. Klessheim takes a lot of our time, and in our different posts we will tell you the honest pros and cons of it!

The main questions are:
– What’s happening at school?
– Which events do we visit or organize
–  Which qualifications do we accomplish?

So, if you are interrested in food, beverages, recipes and the students, feel free to follow our blog and enjoy the world of tourism students in Klessheim.


If you want to know more about the authors of this blog, feel free to take a look at this page, where everybody introduces himself:
Our Authors